Willow or Standard Session? How to Choose!

If you've checked out my Services page, you've probably seen my two basic packages for photoshoots; the Willow Session and the Standard Session. But, if you're anything like me, you might be having some trouble deciding which package to go with! Read on for the breakdown of which session might be best for you!

Two girls sitting by a lake with coffee in their hands. Friendship portrait photography taken by Sarah Stuckless Photography in Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge, and surrounding areas

So first off, let's briefly define what each package includes:

Standard Sessions are up to one hour, and include one outfit and one location. I promise approximately 40 final photos in a Standard gallery, buuut I usually end up sending more 😂I can never delete a cute photo!

Willow Sessions are up to two hours, and include two outfits and up to two locations. I promise approximately 60 final photos with this package, but again...I can't delete cute photos!

At a base level, the obvious differences between the packages are the numbers. But there's a bit more to deciding on a session package than just the numbers; so let's go into a little more detail about what you'd be getting with each package:

Sunset golden hour engagement photoshoot. Engaged couple sitting in a field of flowers at sunset in the fall, taken by couples, engagement, and wedding photographer based in Wilmot County

Standard Session

If you...

  • Want photos of just yourself OR just you and your significant other...

  • Have one specific "vibe" you want to capture...

  • Are celebrating a milestone in your life and want it to be the focal point of your session...

  • Are thinking, "What's there to decide, I kinda just want some nice photos?"

A Standard Session will probably be the right fit for you! One hour gives us plenty of time to capture the moments your want to remember, while keeping the focus on what's most important to you. Whether that's your relationship dynamic, your personality, your engagement, or your graduation, Standard Sessions are perfect for focusing on one element of your life and creating beautiful memories from it!

And while I looove getting giant Pinterest boards full of ideas and poses for a session, let's be real: not all of us are the planner--type, and sometimes we just want some classic, pretty photos to commemorate our special moments. I'm always happy to provide creative direction and posing prompts, but if your creative vision just doesn't stretch to two hours, I got you ;)

Some things to note about Standard Sessions:

-- Standard Sessions are best for solo portraits or couples. I looove doing bestie sessions, but due to the time constraints, friend photos work best with the Willow Session! (Keep reading to see how/why!)

-- If you have a big creative vision, this session might not be best for you; head over to the Willow section to see why!

-- One outfit really does mean one outfit! "But can't we just change real quick?" Technically, yes. But two outfits adds time, no matter how fast you can change! It takes time to walk somewhere you can change, to do the same poses in both outfits, to walk to a new spot you like better with your second outfit... If you think you'll want more than one outfit, well...you know where I'll refer you ;)

Willow Session

If you...

  • Have a creative vision you want to fulfill...

  • Have more than one "vibe" or atmosphere you want to capture...

  • Want to celebrate a milestone in a BIG way...

  • Want to bring a friend along...

  • Have So. Many. Inspo Photos...

A Willow Session might be the right choice! The extra time provides more flexibility for an additional outfit and location, as well as more space for you to really "get into the groove" in front of the camera. While the Standard works well for focusing on one element, the Willow gives time and space to capture that something extra! One more *extra* about the Willow Session? You can upgrade your package to add extra time/outfits!

I love getting to work with fellow creatives! If you've got something specific you'd like your photos to capture, reflect, or portray, the options for additional time, outfits, and locations will be key to making sure this session is everything you want it to be!

Even if you're not working on a creative project, a little variety in styling is a great way to commemorate your big life moments in a big way! You'll get the opportunity for both casual and fancy--dress styling, capturing both the authenticity of your life and all the beauty and elegance that comes with it. If you have a ballgown, grad dress, or bridesmaids dress you like, the Willow Session is a great use for it!

Now if you're like me, you've got a Pinterest board for just about everything. If the board you've been working on for your photoshoot has dozens of different poses, styling ideas, locations, and overall "vibes," or if you're hoping to create an intricate setup, you might want to consider a Willow instead of a Standard Session. You've been putting lots of work into planning for your session, and I would hate for you to feel rushed or that we missed something you really wanted to capture! Some ideas take a little more time or work to get just right, and I want to make sure we have the time to really make your photoshoot dreams come true!

If you want to do a session with a friend or two (or more!), the Willow provides enough time to get photos of everyone together and each person individually. You can split the session however you'd like; (more time spent on photos together, more time on individual portraits, equal time spent on everything, etc.) when you bring a friend, the Willow is almost like a mini session for each of you, plus one together! And the best part? Willow Sessions with friends are just a great way to hang out!

Some things to note about Willow Sessions:

-- Two locations are included in the Willow package; just keep in mind that travel time is also included in the two hour allotment. If you want photos in two locations that are quite far apart, we can definitely make that happen with some adjustments to your package!

-- If you're bringing a group of friends, the listed price applies to groups of up to 4 persons; each additional person will add a $50 fee to the package cost.

-- Some locations that require a hike may also require adding some extra time to your package. (Pro tip: lookouts you can drive up to are the bomb! If you were thinking of going with the Willow just for the time it would take to get to a cool location, you might be able to go with a Standard Session if we can find a drive--up spot that fits your vibe!)

Couple walking in a meadow in the summer, at golden hour sunset. Portrait photographer Sarah Stuckless Photography is based in New Hamburg, Ontario Canada and photographs weddings, couples, and portraits. Captures fairytale inspired vibes with senior, grad, portrait and couples photography

If you've read this far, hopefully you've been able to get a bit more clarity on which session package you should go with! If you're still not sure, send me a message here and I'll help you decide on the perfect package for your session!