Fairytale Inspired - Kim

Many years ago, our family friend Sarah (of Sarah Grace Portraits) posted some beautiful winter portraits of her sister in a flowing red cape, perfectly framed by the falling snow. 14 year old me could not put into words why or how much I loved those photos, but I promised myself that one day, I too would take photos of a beautiful person in a flowing red dress in the snow. It was a lofty aspiration for a kid with nothing more than a red Nikon point-and-shoot, but I was determined to make it happen somehow, someday.

Seven years later, I can now articulate that I was deeply inspired by the magic and whimsy reflected in Sarah's photos, and wanted to somehow be a part of the fairytale world she had created in just a few images. The magic of those photos lived on in my mind, subtly inspiring my creativity and the style of photography I was drawn to over the years. Now, as I build my own photography business and develop my personal style, I'm finding myself coming back to the images that first compelled me to begin taking portraits.

Fairytales have long been an inspiration for my creativity, from the magic that weaves its way throughout each story to the beautiful landscapes described in each scene. I've always loved the clever problem-solving required to overcome difficulties that could only exist in a realm slightly different from our own (at least, I'm assuming no one in this world has ever needed to prove that they are a princess and not a bear by pulling a ballgown out of an acorn!).

Taking photos that capture the magic, beauty and adventure that lives in fairytales has been a dream come true, and is one of my biggest passions! I think there is something so special about giving each client the opportunity to feel like they walked right into a fantasy world, even just for an hour! I believe each person has a magical beauty within, but we so rarely get to see a physical representation of it on ourselves. Sessions like these give people the chance to see themselves in a new, ethereal light that captures the beauty within, and it brings me so much joy to provide that experience!

When Kim approached me with her idea for this session, I was so excited to create my own version of the fairytale shoot that inspired me so many years ago. Between lockdowns, we were able to plan this beautiful session at Huron Natural Area, one of my favourite shooting locations! The pandemic makes planning photoshoots a tricky business, but I love getting to capture these quietly magical moments that provide a short repose from the chaos of the outside world.