Emily & Blake - Engagement Session

The day we did this session was probably one of the coldest we've had this year, but Emily and Blake still managed to make mildly freezing look adorable! Their dedication to getting great photos is admirable, but my favourite thing about this session was how they were able to make each other laugh despite being *so cold* the whole time!

Between throwing jackets on and off, wading through snow of unpredictable depths, and changing from boots to flats and back every 10-15 minutes, Blake and Emily cracked jokes, pulled silly faces, and made the best of some less-than-ideal weather. Instead of making Emily walk through ankle deep snow in flats, Blake stomped out a path for her in every direction she might need to go.

It's these small details that make couples sessions so fun ---- it's one hour, but it's a glimpse into the beautiful relationship that my clients share. How they make each other laugh in the moments that might not ordinarily be so fun (wearing a light flowy skirt and open shoes with no coat or gloves in -11 weather isn't that fun unless there's some cool photos being taken, let's be real), the ways they care for each other, and the familiarity of each embrace ---- it's these things that characterize the day-to-day lives of each couple, and it's such an honour to be able to capture those details along with the big, defining moments of their relationship.

I'm so excited to photograph Blake and Emily's wedding this summer and continue capturing these beautiful moments and details! (And I'm definitely looking forward to doing so in warmer weather!)

(p.s: we did this session at Laurel Creek Conservation Area, a new favourite location of mine!)