Bethany - Enchanted Forest Shoot

If you've ever had the desire to wander through a magical forest in a shawl and flowy dress, gracefully stepping down stone staircases into an enchanted realm, let these photos serve as your inspiration! The moment Bethany sent me photos of the beautiful rock formations she saw on a hike earlier last year, I started dreaming up an enchanted forest--style shoot to do whenever we were able. Early fall ended up being the perfect time for this session, giving us an excellent colour palette filled with bright oranges and gentle greens. I truly believe every season has something uniquely beautiful to offer when taking photos --- the key is to recognize what makes each season special, and to embrace it for everything that it is! This session with my good friend Bethany took place at Eramosa Karst Conservation in Hamilton, Ontario. This location has the perfect "enchanted forest" vibes with natural stone steps and caves, gently winding pathways, and leads out into sunny meadows that positively glow during golden hour! Beth's deep green dress floated perfectly in the gentle autumn breeze, creating a truly ethereal feel to her photos. Every time I look through these photos, I find myself re-inspired to find the magic in everyday places, and I hope they inspire you to do the same!