So, you've booked your winter session and you can't wait to make all your Pinterest dreams come true! But in Ontario where we can get some *exceptionally* cold temperatures, preparing for your winter photoshoot takes a wee bit more work than other seasons. Read on for some tips to help take the bite out of your cold weather photoshoot!

1. Pack Heavy

Leave packing light for the summer months ----- this is your time to be as *extra* as you need! For winter sessions, I always advise my clients to bring some extra clothing to wear between photo sets. Most of us have our "functional" wardrobe and our "cute" wardrobe, and let's be real ----- there is minimal crossover between the two, at best. So instead of freezing your butt off in your adorable little jacket for the whole session, bring your ol' faithful winter coat and boots to throw on while we walk to different spots!

2. Make it a Date!

If you're getting photos with your significant other (or on your own!), make it a date! After your session, go get some hot chocolate together, see the Christmas lights in town, or head home and have a cozy night in. For a lot of us, an hour of posing in the cold can feel pretty daunting; but if you can turn it into a day of fun activities you get to do together, I promise it will be worth it!

Alternatively, we can totally plan to do a portion of our session in a cute coffee shop where you can cozy up and get warm

during the photoshoot!

3. Choose Your Location Wisely

Choosing the right location is an important step for photoshoots in any season, but it's especially important for winter sessions! In the warmer months, it's not really a big deal if the walking paths aren't paved, or if we have to walk a fair bit to get to different photo spots. But when it's cold and there's snow and ice everywhere, those things definitely make a difference! And while I'm always up for a winter hike, if trudging through a foot of snow isn't your idea of fun, ask me about the best winter locations for your session!

Bonus Tips:

  • If you're planning on wearing a dress/skirt, bring a pair of sweatpants that you can put on underneath as we walk to different locations! Trust me, it will make the session feel much more bearable!

  • If you've got those little hand-warmer packets, this is a great occasion for them!

  • Bring a blanket! Nothing beats those cozy, wrapped-in-a-blanket shots, and it's a cute way to stay warm for some photo sets without a jacket!

And last but certainly not least: have fun! I love to get people moving around with my posing prompts, so we'll have lots of ways to keep moving and keep warm throughout our session! I know the cold can be intimidating, but check out some more shots from these beautiful winter sessions and I think you'll agree that it's worth braving it for an hour!

If you're ready to book your session, fill out my contact form and let's get planning!